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3 Best UPI Apps in India for Digital Payments 2019

3 Best UPI Apps in India for Digital Payments 2019: UPI Apps have changed the method of earning payments. Though gradually but they’re replacing the rest of the payment options including money. Google play store is saturated with lots of BHIM UPI apps. A number of them are best UPI app, and a few are bad.

3 Best UPI Apps in India for Digital Payments 2019

3 Best UPI Apps in India for Digital Payments 2019

Within this informative article, I’ve included the 3 Best UPI Apps in India for Digital Payments 2019. I’ve personally tested and used these programs to produce the record rewarding. Remember which you can use some of the UPI apps offered by the play store.

UPI apps are bank independent so that you do not need to be worried about it. If the apps by your lender isn’t good enough, then throw it out and then catch another very best UPI apps from the below listing.


1 – BHIM UPI App:

The very first UPI app in the record of best UPI apps is BHIM UPI app. This app is developed and published by NPCI. It’s possibly the easiest and quickest UPI program available from the play shore. The interface of this app is minimal with blue icons along with white backdrop. It is possible to access all its services with only a single click.

Additionally, you may complete a transaction or alter your bank accounts with three to five clicks just. User experience using the app is quite excellent. BHIM UPI app has the UPI attributes. These include sending or asking cash, altering or placing UPI PIN, assessing balance and creating QR codes. NPCI has also contained IFSC and account number process with the last upgrade.


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2 – Google Tez App

However, the primary draw of its fast advancement is that the Reward program of this Tez. However, the port of this Tez is likewise quite straightforward. This app is much simpler than the BHIM app.The Google has driven this app with four large banks. Therefore, you may use some of the lenders for the backend trade. You ought to understand that UPI trade is performed through the banks. Additionally, Tez has an exceptional characteristic of ‘Money Mode.’

In this manner, you can transfer cash very easily to an individual who’s nearby for you. You do not have to enter any detail for this type of transport. It’s simply like the Shareit move, where you can observe the recipients of a restricted place. This technology functions on sound-waves.But, Google Tez isn’t quite as much feature rich since the BHIM. If you aren’t paying ‘Cashe style,’ you’ll find more measures for the fund transfer.

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3 – PhonePe App:

The PhonePe app is just another feature-rich UPI app. The app isn’t merely a UPI program but also a mobile wallet. It’s the 2nd fastest grown UPI app after BHIM app. The app has all of the UPI attributes in addition to cellular wallet features. When we speak about the interface, it’s among the most helpful looking UPI apps. Programmers have selected an excellent color blend to design the app. The app isn’t just good looking but additionally includes all need to have attributes.

All other UPI apps are intended to send cash only. The app works nicely on slow network connections too. It’s possible to send and ask some money, create and scan QR code, set/change UPI PIN using the app. It is also possible to check your bank balance that’s also an excellent quality of UPI. The phonepe app can send money with a cell amount only. On the other hand, the lien amount has to be enrolled with UPI.


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