Brief Introduction to Digital Marketing and its Benefits

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Share Facebook Twitter Google + Stumbleupon LinkedIn Pinterest Brief Introduction to Digital Marketing and its Benefits: Today, in this blog post i will begin to share about Complete Introduction to Digital Marketing and its Benefits. It is truly a revolution in today’s times! Contents 1 Digital Marketing and its Benefits 1.1 Importance of Digital Marketing- 1.2 […]

Brief Introduction to Digital Marketing and its Benefits: Today, in this blog post i will begin to share about Complete Introduction to Digital Marketing and its Benefits. It is truly a revolution in today’s times!

Digital Marketing and its Benefits

Digital Marketing and its Benefits

Digital marketing is known by many other names – Online marketing, web marketing or Internet marketing. Traditionally, marketing is done via advertisements on radio, television or the Print media. You probably use the Internet for two to three hours or more in a day. But, are you aware that Internet can be such a useful medium of advertising? Well, it is not just a suitable medium; it is an excellently successful medium.

Digital marketing involves promotion of the services and products, just as traditional marketing does. It, however, reaches a more significant number of people. Almost everyone you know has a social media account. Advertising on social media is also a form of digital marketing and a very cost effective method. You can reach a large number of people with the relevant information timely.

Importance of Digital Marketing-

Digital marketing works on the simple premise – time is money. This statement is of prime importance in today’s world. For example, consider the shopping situation today and compare it with your parent’s days. How much do people go out to shop? Most consumers prefer online shopping. Why? Well, it saves a lot of time, and they get more options without having to move out of their houses. They get a wide range of choice that they would not get in a store.

This online presence of people has improved brand recognition on a worldwide scale. For small-scale businesses, digital marketing is the best form of advertisement.

How beneficial is Digital Marketing?

Creates Awareness –

To help you understand how beneficial digital marketing is, consider this simple example. When you are browsing your timeline on Facebook or any of your preferred social networking sites, you might see many advertisements on the side. You would be surprised at how many times you click on one of those advertisements because they seem relevant. I am sure, many times you are unable to resist and end up making purchases at one of those sites.

Even if you don’t, some people do. Most importantly, though, when you click on the Facebook advertisement, you find out about a new brand that you would not have heard of through traditional media.

Thus, digital marketing creates awareness about products and services quietly and efficiently.

Provides Equal Opportunities –

A person with a small scale business may not be able to use the traditional forms of marketing. Money is necessary, and this form needs you to spend a hefty sum of money on advertisements for people to know you. However, when you opt for digital marketing, you need to have a well-planned website, and you can draw traffic to it smoothly.

The size of your business does not matter here. What matters is the quality of service and products that you are offering. You can get easy online visibility without spending much when you are on social media.

Understand the Consumer’s Response –

Another significant benefit of digital marketing is that you can view how well your business is working and see the results of your hard work. If you feel that a particular area of your business needs more attention, then you can make changes in your strategies.

You get the real-time response from consumers. One mistake will have the consumers backing out. But, the best part is that you can rectify the error immediately and pull the customers back.

There are various tools like Google Analytics to help you determine how well you are doing. These tools are accurate and easy to use for anyone. The results are real-time as well because in a matter of a few hours, you can see a peak in your traffic, sales, revenue, and subscribers.

Going Viral –

I have seen a large number of advertisements going viral because people liked it and could share it with others in a matter of seconds. This is not possible with the traditional marketing means.

The best example is the ‘Kolaveri Di’ video that became immensely popular. The music was catchy, foot tapping and captivating. Similarly, many advertisement videos become viral. If it provides value to the consumers, then they like it, share it with their family and friends, who share it further.

To give you statistics, on an average, a person on Facebook has 190 friends. Out of those, 12% have a chance of seeing a shared or liked the post. This means, that even if one person shares your ad, 15 people would see it, and these are modest estimates. If these people share the same thing too, the post could become viral instantly.

No Sales Calls –

One of the most significant advantages of digital marketing is that you don’t get calls if you have not subscribed to a service.

The advertisement style is not pushy. People are looking for the products that are delivered to them, and thus, instead of being angry, they are thankful. It is tailored to people’s needs and allows the practical demonstration of targeting only that customer base which needs the product or service.

If a consumer is interested in clothes and has subscribed to that website, then only he will get emails from them and just, if he has opted for the mail service.

Now, think about digital marketing and see if you can come up with some viral advertisements that you may have shared with your friends.

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