How to make HDFC credit card bill payment ! Complete Guide

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How to make HDFC credit card bill payment ! Complete Guide:

Hi, if you want to make hassle free payment of your HDFC credit card bills, then read this article till bottom end. it will help you understand better. today i will discuss you few simple ways to make your HDFC credit card bill payment.

HDFC bank offers various types of credit cards to various needs of consumers. Each card offers various benefits in the form of reward points, fuel surcharge waiver, discounts on purchases, and many others benefits. Few of the cards are:

  • Platinum card
  • Visa Card
  • Master Card
  • Gemstone collection
  • Contactless card
  • Fuel card
  • Airline card
  • Coral card

In order to make a hassle-free life of cardholders especially; for those who keep multiple credit cards, banks these days offer numerous payment options. HDFC bank offers following ways to pay credit card bills along with instant payment options as regards to its customers with each having an amazing benefit over the other. This helps them to increase credit score and also saves time as customers can choose any payment method for making the credit cards bill payment.

Via HDFC Bank Netbanking:

If your net banking is enabled, you can easily transfer the outstanding Credit Card amount online. you just need to link your Credit Card to NetBanking by log into your HDFC Bank with the help of Credit Card ATM PIN. Go to ‘Cards’ tab, choose ‘Credit Card Paymnet‘ under ‘Transact‘ tab and make the payments using your HDFC Bank Savings Account.

How to make HDFC credit card bill payment ! Complete Guide

Via HDFC Mobile Netbanking:

 Log in to your Netbanking account using MobileBanking through secure browser ( Go to the ‘Credit Card‘ tab, choose ‘Credit Card Payment‘ and make the payments.

Via Call to Pay:

If you have HDFC debit card then call the bank’s 24 hour customer care department. The steps are very simple and customer needs to follow instructions on IVR for making the payment.

Via ATM:

Visit any HDFC bank ATM and use your HDFC debit card. With this, card payment will be done instantly.

Via Auto-debit:

This is one of the easiest options to pay HDFC credit card bill as it is a one time setting compared to the other payment options. This payment option is suggested especially for the people who manage to forget to pay the due amount before the due date. You can directly request the bank to debit the amount from your bank account on a specific date before the due date.

Via Debit Card: 

Another simpler method to make the payment is via your HDFC debit card. You just need to enter credit card number twice and follow the remaining steps.

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Pay HDFC credit card bill through other bank:

Via Net banking:

If you hold HDFC credit card but do not have account with the bank then you can register card details on your other bank’s website and make the payment.


Another way to pay HDFC credit card bill through other bank is via the respective bank’s mobile app.

Click to pay:

Internet banking is enabled for account holders of other banks such as SBI, ICICI, Axis bank and etc. customer can pay the credit card bill through the facility called Click to Pay. Visit on this link from the HDFC bank website. The steps are very simple. Make sure to keep username and password of your bank while you making the payment. This is because from the HDFC website you will be redirected to your respective bank’s website. Through this method, the amount will be debited instantly.

Non-HDFC bank customers can also pay the credit card bill through other bank account using NEFT.

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Note: Ensure that whatever payment option you choose and whether you are given an option to pay either the total due amount or minimum due amount, always make a good habit of paying the total outstanding amount before the due date. As on-time payment will help in earning you a good CIBIL score. Which enhances the chances of earning high credit limit and credit cards/loans in the future. Failure of regular bills on time will lead to late payment charges too, apart from an increase in the interest rate and deal with debt collection companies/agencies.

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