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PNB Knowledge Centre login process

PNB knowledge centre: what is it? How its work and who can use this? There are lots of several questions which people are trying to search on the internet as well as to consult with other people. If you want to know about PNB knowledge centre, read the complete post-

Punjab national bank implemented a system (PNB knowledge centre) in 2006 in their banking management to maintaining their employees records and centralizing the payroll process. After few months, its become success and too popular like PNB Parivar HRMS Package.

PNB Knowledge Centre

PNB Knowledge Centre

The system provides a wide range of several useful functions and processes. Few of the features include like attendance, performance appraisal, training management, HR Management information system, employee selection, promotion system, absence management, and employee self-service. According to that, the payroll module automates the payment process by collecting the data of the employees. The system also calculates varying deductions and generates the actual pay/salary reports.

PNB employees can easily request for leave. And submit their performance appraisals, assets and liabilities, petrol reimbursement and certain other facilities by login into PNB knowledge centre circulars website. https://www.pnbnet.in.

If you are an employee at Punjab National Bank, then you must be aware of PNB HRMS as well as PNB knowledge center circular. The PNB employees have access to the PNB Knowledge Center to check different particulars details, and only HRMS is the single point of getting access and management which provides a flexible and rigid framework to offer various services.


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PNB knowledge centre login process online

1 – Visit the official website of Punjab National Bank HRMS https://www.pnbnet.in.

2 – Enter your login credential e.i. User ID/PF Number, Password and Captcha code

3 – Click on login to get excess your online account.

PNB knowledge centre

4 – After successfully Login, you will get access to Results, Transfer/Posting and results, Internal Notices/Notice Board and Salary slips/promotion etc. related to your account.

5 – As being an employee at PNB, you must have User ID and Password to access PNB HRMS. If you don’t, you can discuss with the branch manager or Head-Branch regarding to provide new User ID and Password. You would require providing your employee details along with other essential documents or information.

6 – These documents will be used to create an HRMS account in the system. And within seven working days you will get your User ID along with the Password to log in.


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